Here at Wolgan Valley Eco Tours we are committed to providing suitable access for all our guests wherever possible.



Many of our hikes and tours include morning tea, lunch and/or afternoon tea. We can accommodate most food allergies and dietary requirements; however, there is no guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all. We ask that you please let us know at least 48 hours in advance of your booked hike or tour so that our partnering suppliers can accommodate any food allergies or dietary requirements. It is the guest’s responsibility to let Wolgan Valley Eco Tours know if they have any food allergies or dietary requirements when they book with us.

Getting There


Wolgan Valley is an easy 2.5 hour drive from Sydney via Bells Line of Road (B59) or the Great Western Highway (A32), and 1.25 hours from Katoomba. Wolgan Valley is accessed via Wolgan Road (Wolgan Valley Discovery Trail) off the Castlereagh Highway (B55) at Lidsdale. The first 26km of Wolgan Road is sealed until the last 9km to Newnes which is dirt road. This dirt road is suitable for all vehicle types including 2WD vehicles and buses.

Remember to fuel up at Lidsdale or Lithgow as fuel is not available at Newnes. There is no mobile phone reception throughout the Wolgan Valley.



There is no accessible parking at the Donkey Mountain (Wolgan Road) carpark or the Glow Worm Tunnel (Wolgan Road) carpark.

Parking is available opposite the Newnes Hotel for the Newnes Ruins Walking Tour and Wollemi Twilight Wildlife Tour. Although not designated as accessible parking, the parking is clear and level.



There are no public toilets available on the Donkey Mountain Hike or the Glow Worm Tunnel Hike. Leave No Trace principles apply on all walks and hikes where there are no toilets. Human waste is to be sufficiently buried and all toilet paper and sanitary items are placed into a sanitary bag and disposed of off-site by Wolgan Valley Eco Tours.

There are male and female toilets available at the Newnes Hotel, Wolgan Road Newnes. Accessible toilets are not available.

Two unisex toilets (non-flush) managed by the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service are located at the Little Capertee Creek campground, 1km north of the Newnes Hotel and at the Newnes cricket field campground 1km northeast of the Newnes Hotel. The Newnes cricket field campground toilet can only be accessed by 4WD using the Wolgan River causeway, 200m north of the Newnes Hotel. Accessible toilets are not available.

Guest Care and Support


Guests with a disability may be accompanied by a certified assistance or guide dog to assist them on our guided walks and hikes. The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service requests that our guests (or another guest on behalf of the guest with the disability) always keep their assistance dog under effective control and remove any faeces deposited by the dog. Owners are liable for any property damage caused by an assistance dog.

Staff Training

Wolgan Valley Eco Tours staff have completed disability awareness and inclusive tourism training. A designated first aider trained in remote area (wilderness) first aid is assigned to each guided walk and hike.

Carer’s Card

Wolgan Valley Eco Tours offer a 25% discount to holders of the Carer and Companion Cards when joining their companion on any booked guided walk or hike.