Two people wearing wide brimmed hats looking through binoculars towards the tree canopy above
Guests birding in Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area on our Wolgan Valley Birdwatching Tour.

So, what’s in store for 2024? Join our local expert guide on our small group birdwatching tour and discover the unique woodland bird species of the awe-inspiring natural amphitheatre of Wolgan Valley in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

After many attempts, we’ve finally decided to take the leap and try our hand at blogging. We're not too sure why it’s taken us so long, but better late than never we say as we head into a new year!

If you have been following us over on Facebook and Instagram, you would know that the last couple of years have been a mix of highs and lows for not just our business but the wider tourism industry.

Bushfires, floods, global pandemic, more floods, road-closing landslips, and extreme weather events – we’ve all been tested. But with each setback, we just dust ourselves off and get back into it. It’s not easy, and at times we question our own sanity, but what keeps us going is the wonderful guests that we are fortunate to host on our tours and the incredible wildlife and magical landscape that we have here in Wolgan Valley and the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

So, what’s in store for 2024? Whilst we eagerly await the reopening of the Glow Worm Tunnel trail and Lost City precinct following major upgrades, we are excited to be offering our Wolgan Valley Birdwatching Tour to guests. Join our local expert guide on this small group birdwatching tour and discover the unique woodland bird species of the spectacular Wolgan Valley in the Greater Blue Mountains NSW.

People wearing wide brimmed hats are looking through binoculars looking for trees in the canopy above being lead by a guide who is pointing in the direction of a bird.

Marvel at the majesty of a soaring Wedge-tailed Eagle or be captivated by the morning symphony of the Superb Lyrebird. This magical early morning vehicle and walking tour provides superb birding opportunities with exclusive access to some of the valleys' best birding locations, as well as the chance to experience some of the region’s most spectacular scenery in the Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area.

Your day begins in our 4WD vehicle, departing at 6:30 am from the Seven Valleys Visitor Information Centre, Lithgow. Relax in air-conditioned comfort as our passionate local expert guide introduces you to the Wollemi and Gardens of Stone region and the special woodland bird species that call our destination of Wolgan Valley home.

Our first stop of the day is at Wolgan Gap in Mayingu Marragu, a place of strong cultural significance to the traditional owners of this landscape, the Wiradjuri Nation. While taking in the breathtaking scenery over Wolgan Valley, your knowledgeable local guide will share with you the incredible geological story of UNESCO world heritage-listed Greater Blue Mountains region and the fascinating history of Wolgan Valley, including a visit by naturalist Charles Darwin in 1836.

A view of Wolgan Valley from a lookout surrounded by sheer sandstone cliffs and bushland for as far as the eye can see.

After a brief stop, we return to our 4WD vehicle and with exclusive access, we safely navigate the Donkey Steps, reported to be the steepest road in Australia. As we near the valley floor surrounded by towering Ribbon Gum and Grey Gum forest, listen for the incessant bell-like call of the Bell Miner.

As the towering gum forests slowly open to woodland and farming land, our passionate local guide will share with you the history of intensive agriculture and heavy industry in the valley and how the community of Wolgan Valley is working towards a more sustainable future through ecotourism, regenerative agriculture, and agritourism.

Our next stop is in the beautiful Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area, where we are welcomed by the early morning chorus of woodland birds. A short 800m easy return walk will lead you through box-stringybark forest where our experienced birding guide will share with you their knowledge of the bird species that inhabit this location, including the threatened Glossy Black Cockatoo and the conservation issues that they face.

A female Glossy Black Cockatoo with black plumage, yellow feathering around the neck and a sunburnt orange-red coloured feathers on the underside of her tail

There will also be ample opportunity for you to participate in wildlife conservation through surveying the unique and diverse birdlife we encounter at this location. On return to our 4WD, we continue our birding journey with exclusive access to private property and another of our favorite birding locations.

Here we enjoy a delicious morning tea of locally baked goods and seasonal fruit whilst taking in the spectacular sandstone escarpment of the surrounding Wollemi National Park and the tranquil waters of Wolgan River. Following morning tea, a 1.5km easy return walk will lead you through tranquil grassy woodlands to encounter the many bird species that call this special location home.

Male and female guests are standing around laughing whilst enjoying their morning tea set up on a log with a tartan picnic blanket

Learn about the threats that face the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater and the conservation efforts that have been undertaken on this property and throughout Wolgan Valley. Again, there will be an opportunity to contribute to wildlife conservation through helping us survey the many bird species that we encounter along the way.

After a morning of fruitful birding, sit back and relax, reflecting on the morning that has been, as we head back to Lithgow. Our small group tours ensure ample opportunities to connect with our local guide, ask questions, and fully appreciate the diversity of bird species that call Wolgan Valley home.

In the face of challenges, our commitment to sharing the beauty of Wolgan Valley remains unwavering. Join us in 2024 as we embark on a birding adventure, exploring the wonders of nature and contributing to the conservation of the unique and diverse birdlife that graces this remarkable region. To book onto this small-group birding tour, head to our Wolgan Valley Birdwatching Tour page.

Better late than never, our journey into the world of blogging is just the beginning, and we can't wait to share more stories with you.


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